When You Go Agile, Expectations Can Get Cloudy

When You Go Agile, Expectations Can Get Cloudy

Source: When You Go Agile, Expectations Can Get Cloudy

Agile transformation of Waterfall teams are no longer a fad. They are an everyday reality. This change can be hard.

Employees, managers, team leads and supervisors have their world changed overnight. One of the issues I see in every transformation of established teams is the overnight change of whom an employee has to please in order to move ahead in their career. If this was hard in the past, it becomes muddled further in all the team changes and moves.

In this melee, it is important to send clear messages to the teams. Establish clear lines of communication, build new reporting structures if needed and train new managers. Be sure to open and keep open clear channels of communications between new teams and old teams alike. Be sure that the managers have a clear understanding of the expectations that are set for them.

This problem becomes exacerbated in low trust organizations. That is a blog for another day. I like this article from Gallup. Lots of food for thought for organizations working on Agile transformations and finding difficulty in making connections with their employees.

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