What is the most fun interview question you have encountered?

HypnoArt / Pixabay

Since I am actively filling out hundreds of job applications, I am entirely bored of the process and feel like my life is sapping away every thousandth time I have to answer that I am a US Citizen and am willing to undergo a background check.

So it is not often that I come across a fun question that catches me off guard and brings me back to reality with a wonderful fulfillment. Indeed does have this (now) standard question that asks the candidate to say something unique about themselves that would catch the interviewer’s eye. I have often wanted to build an ASCII model of some offensive image and paste it in. However, I refrain from being stupid.

This morning I saw questions on a job application for Starry Inc. The FIRST question they asked was an indication of the culture of the company. The second question was my favorite amongst all that I have answered in the 3200+ applications I have filled out in the last few months.

What is your favorite foods(s)? I was in heaven while answering it!! Thank you, Starry Inc. for making my day, even if you do not end up looking at my resume.


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