What are The Top 3 Non-Negotiable Characteristics of an Agile Environment?

DasWortgewand / Pixabay

I received this as an interview question and I thought it was intriguing. It was worded slightly differently and I felt that I had a hard time answering it without explaining my choices to my audience. I would not have put them in an Agile questionnaire emailed to prospective applicants.

IMO the top 3 non-negotiable characteristics of an Agile environment are:

  • Quality. It should not be negotiated and it should always be very important to the entire delivery team.
  • Timebox. Sprint length should not be negotiated mid-sprint. I have seen this happen and it leads to bad juju.
  • Product Owner value. Value to the business is non-negotiable and should be considered of paramount importance to an Agile team.

How would you answer this question? I am very curious to see what others think are non-negotiable in Agile.

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