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I am a big proponent of checking in with the real world when it comes to Agile. I was pleasantly surprised to find this course on Pluralsight that lists whoppers like “Meeting hard deadlines while staying Agile” and “Help! my Product owner is MIA!” as titles. This course has 4.5 stars out of 415 reviews. Does anyone have experience with this course and the content? Have you experienced Agile emergencies such as the chapter titles of this course?

Agile practices often sound great on paper, but quickly lose their luster once you try to apply them in the real world. This course will show you how to take the best of Agile methodologies and apply them to your own team in a way that actually makes sense. Rather than focus on the theory of how agile works in a vacuum, the techniques taught in this course are based on the most common places where agile breaks down in reality and the concrete strategies to fix them.

Source: Agile in the Real World | Pluralsight

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