Exploring Success and Failure in Agile, Exploring the InterWebs

Embracing Agile Article from HBR.ORG

An article that I have often come back to and referred to a lot of my clients. This article also has a really thought provoking “The Right Conditions for Agile” table that I have found useful when explaining my choice of methodologies to executives. Don’t change structures right away; change roles instead. Many executives assume… Read More Embracing Agile Article from HBR.ORG

Exploring the InterWebs

Google Hire

Google Hire makes the hiring process easy to submit to and the easy to keep records on. Why is this not being used EVERYWHERE?? Have some of these HR form app vendors actually ever used their own forms? Do they have QA or UAT? So many of them are such a huge waste of time just to… Read More Google Hire